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Industry information

Schaeffler latest intelligence and innovation technology unveiled at 2017 Asia International Power Exhibition

Release time:2017/10/28 9:38:12

The world's leading integrated supplier of automotive and industrial products for the future of Schaeffler articles driven innovation of products, will be unveiled at the 2017 Asia international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC 2017).

In the PTC exhibition hall N4 booth B1-1 and intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone E5 hall B5-4 booth, Schaeffler will showcase the full range of innovative technology, bearing the high precision bearings, independent research and development, as well as in industrial gear box, motor, hydraulic fluid, gas processing, compression machine and other fields of advanced bearing application case.

A series of technical applications and solutions perfectly reflect the quality of Germany, China made wisdom". The exhibition includes X-life products, different size ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings have been part of the localization, all-round show Schaeffler pay more attention to the localization of R & D and production.

The latest technology, indigenous wisdom"

Implementation of information technology and automation technology is a highly integrated Schaeffler Group in power transmission 4 areas of competitive advantage. As a leading bearing supplier, Schaeffler also has independent analysis and simulation programs in addition to providing a wide range of online and offline status monitoring products.

Schaeffler independently developed state monitoring products SmartCheck and sensor bearing, as well as automatic grease injection device, for industrial 4 and intelligent manufacturing provides a strong guarantee. It can be widely used in motor, gear box, compressor and other industrial fields. Digital products and equipment condition monitoring products Schaeffler will provide customers with customized solutions, for the realization of data driven value-added services to customers.

Innovative products fully unveiled

Schaeffler high precision bearing SGL series is the absolutely critical component of high precision gearbox, and the bearing performance is an important guarantee for the transmission accuracy of gearbox. Schaeffler angular contact roller bearings with high torsional stiffness, high bearing capacity, can adjust the clearance or preload, small section etc.. In some high precision applications such as spray manipulator, solar tracking controller, gear box, servo gear motor, cycloid planetary gear box, medical equipment, etc., have a successful application experience.

The X-Life products at the show optimize the internal structure and surface quality, higher capacity and rated life than ordinary products, more suitable for compact structure and high load density applications. Widely used in compressors, gear boxes, hydraulic pumps and other high load, long life demand applications.

Schaeffler's INA brand planetary roller screw (PWG) is another innovative product, cost-effective and easy to install electromechanical drive solutions. It is compact, durable, adjustable speed range, high rated load and axial stiffness, and can be customized according to the customer's working conditions. It can be widely used in ships, power tools, buildings, actuators, agricultural machinery, automobiles, medical and other fields.

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