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Industry information

The Timken Company to expand the product line of high performance spherical roller bearing

Release time:2015/6/15 10:28:54

Chinese Shanghai, April 28, 2015 - the The Timken Company in the recent launch of medium size and high performance Timken spherical roller bearing products to the global market, is expected to bring a technological revolution. The product of this size section provides two options for steel and copper cages.

The spherical roller bearing as an increasingly important part of our core product line, has been favored by more and more customers. Now customers can choose steel and copper cage products in a wider range of sizes." The Timken Company China president Shi Bosheng said.

Spherical roller bearings are widely used in industrial processing equipment, such as continuous casting machine, crusher, vibrating screen, excavators and other transportation equipment. To help customers from the selection of Timken spherical roller bearing, the The Timken Company provides download 2D drawings and 3D models of related products in the English official website L, to help customers for product demonstration, or directly into the CAD system. The company's official website can also download the catalog of comprehensive product information and type selection of bearings and related accessories.

It runs at a lower temperature and a longer life

In the design process of high performance spherical roller bearing products, the The Timken Company engineering team gives the product a lot of new features, which effectively prolong product life. If the product does not use the traditional central guide ring, it guides the cage through the inner ring, thus eliminating the friction between the roller and the central guide ring. The actual test shows that the operating temperature of Timken high performance spherical roller bearing on average 5 lower than similar products or C.

Tests also show that canceling the central boot loop design also reduces the torque by 4% at the same time. Without a guide ring means less friction is generated, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the bearing operation and improving the efficiency of the operation. These design features extend the service life of the bearings, the achievements of the Timken high performance spherical roller bearing to have the following advantages:

Reduce wear - reduce internal stress and optimize load distribution by improved modification, thereby helping to reduce wear of bearings.

Higher carrying capacity - longer roller sizes bring greater load bearing surfaces, enabling our customers to respond to higher load requirements.

Lower operating temperature - by improving the surface roughness, the bearing can form lubricant film better in operation, and avoid the direct contact between metal and metal, thus reducing the running temperature of the bearing.

- run more lasting hardened steel cage can provide higher fatigue strength, enhanced wear resistance, provide a more solid protection for shock and acceleration, which will help the bearings run more durable.

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About The Timken Company

The Timken Company develops, manufactures and markets bearings, drives, gearboxes, chains and related products, as well as multiple power system transformation and maintenance services. As the tapered roller bearing of the authority, The Timken Company in the metallurgy, tribology and power transmission in the field of deep knowledge is widely applied in the field of bearings and related system, help to improve the equipment running efficiency and reliability of all over the world. The Timken Company's expanding range of products and services include a number of well-known industrial brands, such as Timken, Fafnir, Philadelphia, Gear and Drives. The Timken Company is known for its high quality products and collaborative technology sales model, with sales of $3 billion 100 million in 2014. It has about 16 thousand employees in 28 countries and regions worldwide. The Timken Company drives industry to make the world more productive.

The Timken Company Asia Pacific headquarters and greater China headquarters are located in Shanghai, providing energy, aviation, rail, metallurgy, mining, cement and machine tools and other industrial sectors to provide bearings and related components and services. In the Greater China region, the company has nearly 3300 employees, with offices at all levels in the 13 major city, and built 5 large bearing manufacturing base, 1 training centers and multiple logistics, engineering and industrial value-added service center. The Timken Company is committed to creating value, and actively participate in the construction of the community and its sustainable development, in order to shape a better world.
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