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Industry information

NSK successfully improved "indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance of robot LIGHBOT"

Release time:2015/6/15 10:23:54

~Successful completion of the new functional validation test~

Seiko (Headquarters: Tokyo Shinagawa, and representative: representative agency CEO Ji Zhong grew up male hereinafter referred to as NSK), get the support and cooperation of Kanagawa County comprehensive medical rehabilitation center, certificate test of the actual use of the environment in robot navigation and obstacle avoidance for about half a year. Based on the exhibits of the 2013 International Robot Exhibition in November 2013, the product developed navigation function, which improved the security and convenience.

In order to achieve the goal of 2016 actual use, NSK will make full use of the results of this verification test, and is committed to solving all kinds of related problems.

The successful development of NSK wheel type mobile robot can automatically identify and avoid obstacles in the road, not only to help the elderly to replace guide dogs, et al. Walk, also try to be in the hospital, office buildings, commercial facilities and other places accessible mobile road with automatic mobile robot guidance function.

When the user login first place choice in want to go, the 2013 version of the model according to the map information and the moving distance of the judgment of their location, and identify obstacles, through sound takes the user to the destination. Subsequently, through many verification improvements, the new model even to the first visit of government agencies or hospitals and other large places, but also can accurately and conveniently arrive at the destination.

 Features of this product

(1) strengthen navigation function

Users of the original product need to be guided by the robot voice to control the handle so that the robot can avoid the obstacle, and the mode of operation is different from the destination. The new product can automatically go to the user's selected destination. The robot will change the walking speed according to the grip strength of the user, and when the user releases the handle, the robot will stop safely.

(2) improve the convenience of use

In view of the weakness that the original product can not use the navigation function across the floor, the new product can identify the ceiling of each floor and confirm which floor it is on, so it can be used at any level. In addition, when the original product is charged, the battery must be removed and charged, and the new product can be charged without removing the battery, and the battery continuation time is increased by 30%.

(3) improvement of further examination of the original function

The previously developed following features are used to validate the safety of patients with a large number of patients with visual impairment. In the future, it will be improved for its practicality..

Increase the obstacle detection function of the ground and the obstacle avoidance function of the user head

Voice to remind the surrounding environment, road navigation

 The future use of this product

In the future, the robot will be set up and used in barrier free hospitals and other public facilities, even if it is unfamiliar and easy to get lost, the patients with visual impairment can reach the destination safely. And for hospitals and other institutions, the equipment can reduce the pressure of staff guidance work.

 Thank you for your support to the project

Kanagawa county "phase mold robot industry zone" designated key projects. This area introduces the test sites and recruitment testers and so on.

KOUSEI LIGHT HOME, Kanagawa comprehensive medical rehabilitation center: the visually impaired patients in the center provide experimental assistance in the hospital building.

- the Ministry of health: the selection of the project for the year 2014 to help the disabled independent machine development project.

Assistance of the Kanagawa branch of the Japanese pigmented degeneration Association (JRPS).

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