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Detailed rules for equipment maintenance and use

Release time:2015/4/19 12:04:42

Requirements for the use of 1. equipment:

(1) employees should participate in the training of equipment safety operation regulations and maintenance knowledge before they operate the equipment independently, and obtain the operation certificate before they can operate on the computer.

(2) operators should do "three good" and "Sihui"":

"Three good" is good equipment, good equipment, good equipment maintenance;

"Sihui" will use the equipment, will maintain equipment, will check the equipment, will eliminate the general fault.

(3) "Five Disciplines" of equipment operators":

A. operation of fixed person and fixed machine, use equipment with operation certificate, strictly abide by safety operation regulation;

B. always keep the equipment neat, refueling according to the regulations, to ensure reasonable lubrication;

C. follow the daily check and shift system;

D. pipe good tools, accessories, shall not be lost;

E. found abnormal, immediate parking check, the problem can not be dealt with themselves, should be promptly reported and cooperate with the maintenance personnel to exclude.

Four requirements for equipment maintenance in 4":

(1) neat: tools, workpieces and accessories are arranged neatly, equipment parts and safety protection devices are complete, the lines and pipelines are intact;

(2) cleaning: clean and clean inside and outside the equipment, no sliding surface, screw, rack and so on, no oil, no bumps, parts of non oil leakage, no leakage, no leakage, cutting waste, scrap and other cleaning;

(3): on time, fuel oil, lubricating oil, oil, oil can meet the requirements of the oil cup, nozzle oil standard complete, bright, smooth circuit;

(4) safety: the implementation of fixed machine and shift system, familiar with the structure of the equipment operation and maintenance, abide by the rules, reasonable use, maintenance, monitoring abnormal, no accident.
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