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SKF (SKF) and heavy coal machine to deepen strategic cooperation

Release time:2015-5-18 14:18:06

China Shanghai, April 28, 2015: SKF (SKF) and Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "heavy coal machine") strategic partnership agreement review and renewal ceremony was held in the headquarters office of Skye fu. At the ceremony, the two sides reviewed the results of cooperation in many fields since the signing of the strategic partnership agreement in 2012, and signed a new strategic partnership agreement to meet the new opportunities and challenges.

SKF Chinese industrial market vice president Fu Jinyan said at the meeting: "SKF and too heavy coal machine to establish a deep and lasting partnership. At present, the domestic coal market downturn, SKF will use their own accumulated in bearing and heavy machine engineering experience and resources to carry out comprehensive cooperation with the coal machine is too heavy in many areas of seal, lubrication system, logistics, personnel and technical support, the transformation and development of the mining industry to deal with the opportunities and face new challenges."

"Too heavy coal machine and SKF has nearly 30 years of cooperation so far. Since 2012 signed a strategic partnership agreement, we and SKF cooperate fully strengthened in various products and customer service service etc.. The general manager of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. Zhang Kebin at the signing ceremony, for example: "from 2012 to 2014, SKF is too heavy for the intelligent coal shearer project provides online monitoring program, after several debugging and solutions, finally passed the acceptance. The project also led the development of new direction of domestic shearer. We believe that through the re signing of the strategic partnership agreement, the two sides will further deepen cooperation and jointly climb a new peak."

According to the agreement, SKF will continue as too heavy coal machine in bearing, lubrication, sealing, the main partners of state monitoring and related products, to provide support for the heavy coal machine in engineering development and technical application, enhance the competitiveness of products and product development ability. At the same time, SKF will further enhance customer service service, to provide effective tools and solutions for the bearing production on-site installation and commissioning, through the whole life cycle management, help to reduce the production cost of coal machine is too heavy.

Heavy coal machine is Chinese fixed-point units of the shearer has developed China's first hydraulic haulage shearer, the first airborne AC electric traction shearer, the first oil shale mining machine, the first intelligent mining machine, as well as the world's largest power 2500KW and 3000KW electric haulage shearer.
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