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Aircraft bearings are diverse. Recently, the bearing system has become more complex and requires higher reliability and quality control due to the customer's requirement of reducing the weight of bearings, reducing environmental pollution and high performance. Design theory and industry development trend of main shaft bearings for jet engines. With the rapid development of emerging markets and the global expansion of low-cost airlines, demand and sales of commercial aircraft have been steadily increasing.

In the world we are all customers in the aerospace industry to provide a variety of solutions, including the fuselage, for aircraft engine and gearbox bearings, seals, rod, bar, precision equipment and equipment elastic wire.

Harsh environment

Ceramic bearings can run at high temperatures and poor lubrication conditions. Resilient seals and devices protect bearings or other applications, such as swash plates and gearboxes,...

We have the solution space range, can be applied to even the most polluted environment, combined with your desired visual control or maintenance requirements, to provide the most suitable solution for you.

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency for customers, reducing the weight of the aircraft, is conducive to reducing fuel consumption and increase the effective load. This is a major part of the cost effectiveness of operations. Help aircraft designers reduce the weight of multiple systems and subsystems, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

In addition to reducing fuel consumption, we provide solutions to reduce weight, but also help improve the payload, extend the flight range, reduce the total operating costs; at the same time, does not affect the safety and performance.

These solutions are now being used on some demanding aircraft, greatly reducing the cost of airlines.

Combination function

Combining various functions makes the number of components in global applications significantly reduced, thereby reducing weight and saving packaging.

Therefore, by improving existing applications, support for the manufacture of more sustainable aircraft is provided.

Light weight

By reducing the number of global application equipment components, replace the hydraulic system to control system, method of research and development use of lightweight materials, aerospace technology helps to reduce weight, and create a more sustainable solution.
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