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Iron and steel metallurgy

Powder metallurgy bearing is metal powder and other antifriction material powder pressing, sintering, shaping and oil and has a porous structure, pore infiltration in the hot oil, the lubricating oil is filled between the work, due to suction effect and friction heating shaft to rotate, the metal and the thermal expansion of the oil, the oil out of the pore then, the friction surface of bearing lubrication, cooling, oil is sucked back into the pores.

The powder metallurgy oil bearing (oil bearing) is a kind of porous alloy product containing lubricating oil in the pores. When the shaft rotates, the friction between the shaft and the bearing of the increased oil bearing temperature and pump function. With the friction surface for infiltration seepage in diameter or diameter of the bearing oil containing lubricating oil, when the shaft stops rotating. Lubricating oil returns to the inside of the oil bearing. Therefore, the consumption of lubricating oil is very small and can be used for a long time without supplying lubricating oil from outside. It is very suitable for oil supply difficulty and avoiding lubricating oil pollution.

A large number of oil bearing bearings: motor industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, household electrical appliances industry, digital products, office equipment, power tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery and other mechanical equipment.

Powder metallurgy bearing is mainly used in general raw material powder by pressing, sintering, shaping, immersion process made. Most of today's machines are highly automated. Daily output is relatively large, most of the products can be formed once, so the bigger the bigger the better production. And now use a little bit of mold, you may do hundreds of thousands, more than one million words may do more than. But the mold cost is relatively high, so it is difficult to make a lot less, and the replacement of mold is also a long time.

PM bearings can generally be formed at one time without cutting. The cost is lighter than the machine, the material waste is less, so the price is cheaper. It is also consistent with the current national policy of energy conservation, so it is considered to be a technology that will not be outdated.

Has been impregnated by vacuum powder metallurgy method bearing the matrix is filled with lubricating oil, and in operation due to the temperature rise and the suction pump, lubricating oil which will seep into the running surface, it can be used without extra lubrication occasions.
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